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Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. Click on the blue links below for class blogs.

2018-2019 Worsley Staff 


Mr. Bax

Vice-PrincipalMs. Ottewell

Mrs. Battista, Mrs. Braid, Ms. Magee

KindergartenMrs. Avery, Mrs. Milligan; Mrs. Barber, Mrs. Edwards;  Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. McAllister;  Mrs. Verstegen, Mrs. D'Adderio
Grade 1Ms. Courtney
​Grade 1​Ms. Holroyd
​Grade 1FI​Madame Cameron
Grade 2Mr. Brooks
Grade 1/ 2Mrs. Richter
Grade 2Mrs. Fuller / Mrs. Cotton
Grade 2FIMadame Steeves
​Grade 3​Ms. Steen
Grade 3Mrs. Liotta
Grade 2/3FIMr. Kelly
Grade 3/4Ms. Cloutier
Grade 4Mrs. Cavill
​Grade 4​Mrs. Doka
Grade 4/5FIMadame Breitbach / Mlle Schmidt
​Grade 5​Ms. Ahlfeldt
Grade 5/6Mrs. Nowicki (on leave) Mrs. McKellar
​Grade 5/6FI                           Madame McNamara
Grade 6Ms. McCartney
Grade 6/7Ms. Venus
​Grade 6/7FI​Mlle Blake
​Grade 7​Mr. Evans
​Grade 7/8​Mr. Taylor
​Grade 8Mr. Ferris
​Grade 8​Ms. Dunbar

Planning time                                Ms. Girdwood, Ms. Cotton, Mr.Thompson

Librarian                                        Ms. Hesselink

FSL                                               Mme Le Saux, Mlle Dankevy

FSL/FI Planning TIme                  Madame Lesage, Mlle H. Schmidt, Mme Le Saux

Learning Centre                           Mr. Steeves, Mr. Knox

Special Education                        Ms. Campbell, Mrs. Fuller, Mr. Knox, Mr. Steeves,

EA                                                Ms. Gervais (on leave), Ms. Irwin, Ms. Scott, Mrs. Lourie-Brooks, Mrs. Cober, Ms. Fish 

                                                     Ms. McQuarrie, Ms. Cote, Ms. Holzendorff, Ms. Reed, Ms. Vander Vechte, Ms. Ferrari, Ms. K,

DECE                                           Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Milligan, Ms. Tellier, Ms. D'Addario

Custodians                                   Mr. Belesky, Mr. Salazar